About Us

  • Dalisa Fireplaces offers customers the opportunity to have the wood burner they have always dreamed of, at a fraction of the cost of other competitors.
  • With soaring energy prices now is the time to seriously consider moving over to a different heat source, in the form of wood and solid fuel.
  • Not only is it cheaper but its also better for the enviroment.
    Dalisa Fireplaces will give you your own unique bespoke fireplace and our promise is to beat any genuine quote.
  • Dalisa Fireplaces are happy to discuss all the options available to our customers.
  • We appreicate that with the internet the customer can view and buy their desired stove prior to having any building work undertaken.  
  • We will work with the customer offering advice on the correct stove concerning its heat output and if it is suitable for the area the customer lives in.
  • Some areas of residence require the stove to be DEFRA approved as some areas will be under a Smoke Controlled Zone. 
  • By contacting us or your local authority you will be able to find out if you need a DEFRA approved stove.